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We are a team of professional Yoga teachers from all over the world. The initiative is focused on providing the most effective Yoga training to people who are serious about the methods of this ancient tradition. This Yoga teachers training program is approved by Yoga alliance and covers 200 Hrs of the international curriculum guidelines.



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Hatha Yoga
Yoga Nidra

Yogalife: Meningen

Ilse Hubrecht 5 months ago

Zeer professionele organisatie, met een zeer bekwaam en ervaren internationaal team van docenten. Daarom brede knowhow en dekking van alle yogadomeinen. Beveel hun levensveranderende trainingen ten zeerste aan.

Valérie Vankelst 5 months ago

Elke opleiding die ik bij Yogalife volgde was super interessant, leerrijk en heel duidelijk gegeven. De trainings worden in 't Engels gegeven en de documentatie die je krijgt ook. Wat ik heerlijk vind is het feit dat je als assistent (CEP Continuous education program) vrijwillig kan blijven deelnemen aan de opleidingen om zo je kennis nog te verdiepen. Een echte aanrader. Yogalife maakt nu deel van uit van mijn leven. We zijn 1 grote familie.

Shweta Bhanot 6 months ago

I will recommend these classes for the people looking for the real authentic yoga classes in Belgium. Yoga is taught in the traditional and classical way in its original form. A must try for a yoga seeker.

Els Lintermans 7 months ago

Life changing experience to follow this yoga teacher training. It was the best decision I made! I can recommend everyone who wants more yoga in their life and wants to deepen your understanding of yourself.

Malgorzata Marmurowicz 7 months ago

My Yoga Teacher Training was seriously life changing experience. People full of passion, knowledge and love. I felt there heard, loved, accepted. I recommend all of you who are looking for professional organized hatha yoga teacher training.

Parth Sharma 7 months ago

One of the best place if you want to deepen your yoga knowledge. The teachers are experienced, authentic and masters of their fields.

Malika Abbad 7 months ago

I took a yoga teacher training with Yogalife Belgium and I highly recommend them. The trainers and assistants are not only kind, warm and hyper professional but they also take you on a journey that will never let you go.

Louis Body 7 months ago

Great place for great yoga !

Paulina Szotek-Ververken 7 months ago

A life changing adventure with knowledgeable and professional teachers and amazing students/friends. Their Teacher’s Training Course is more than excellent :) It is a journey to the knowledge, practice, and wisdom. I am very happy that I could be part of this course and learn so much from the teachers and fellow students. Highly recommend Yogalife, and my journey with them will for sure continue after my TTC.

Fien Claes 9 months ago

Well-founded and in-depth yoga training. Not just focus on asanas, but the whole yoga philosophy. Warm, family atmosphere

lisa declercq 9 months ago

How I am grateful to have found yogalife. I feel really part of a big family. The teachers of the ttc course have such a deep knowledge, good guidance, follow up etc… I highly recommend.

Aurélie Gillain 10 months ago

Took the 200h TTC there in 2021 and words cannot describe how thankful I am for having made this decision and done this course. It was very thorough and life-changing overall (more than just the physical practice). Highly recommend!

Nur Cimenci 1 year ago

A unique experience who gave me more than what i expected. Everything in my life changed ever since. You learn so much! Is the beginning of a beautiful journey of connection ! Thank you a lot to the team of Yogalife ???

Margaux Rappe 1 year ago

I highly recommend Yogalife if you want to deepen your knowledge about yoga practice! This is a wonderful TTC and I am really happy I choose them for this journey. They are passionate and well organized. This is also the opportunity to meet awesome people!! On top of that, the schedule also allow to assimilate the concepts in between the week-ends of TTC, which is really great!

Heather Perkins 1 year ago

Yoga Teacher Training with Yogalife far, far exceeded my expectations. As an American expat in Brussels, I was looking for a thorough, rigorous, and professionally useful training course. It was all of that, and so much more. It’s a life-changing experience for which I will be forever grateful! I feel so lucky that I found Yogalife and made the decision to join this beautiful family. Huge thank you to all the instructors and and fellow students who made this amazing journey so meaningful.

Philippine Meeùs 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality I warmly recommend Yoga Life Belgium. I attended to the yoga life teacher training, the courses are given by passionate teachers and assistants. I really appreciated their kindness, openness and professionalism. I learned a lot and discover much more than I expected. I am grateful!

Jackie 1 year ago

Going through Yogalife Teacher Training Course has been a life changing experience. Coordinated by well-organized, professional and passionate group of people. They are dedicated to equip students with knowledge and tools needed for becoming well-rounded teachers. After training, Yogalife continues to support and provide a strong network for graduates. I am thankful for being part of Yogalife journey and family :)

valerie dupuy 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Great teacher training with amazing people and teachers. The main teacher is an inspirational leader with empathy and tremendous knowledge

Sarah Jabloune 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Highly recommended yoga teacher training in Belgium. I did my teacher training with them 7 years ago and I can still count on them now. I have many professional teachers coming from Yogalife who are teaching in my Yoga Studio. The best choice if you’re looking for more than only a body based TTC.

SarahJM 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism I can not recommend Yogalife more. It's been 4 years since my Teacher Training and it changed the entire course of my life..

Chiara 1 year ago

Yogalife is one of those experiences that simply change my life: the moment I began your journey with them I realized I couldn't live without them; they simply make my life happier. The professionality and the good heart of everyone working for Yogalife is simply astonishing, and I had the feeling of being heard and listened to at all times. In very short time I have realized those people are really family to me and i am so grateful they ended up in my life path.

Madeleine dBYoga 1 year ago

High quality Yoga Teacher Trainings. Sanjeev, Manoj & Shweta and their whole team have the longest and most reliable experience in the field. Therefore making their trainings qualitative, rich, learner-oriented and practical. In addition, because of their European school, you expand your yoga "network" to richer horizons. A must in yoga teacher trainings.

Tinka Tomazin 1 year ago

Finishing teacher training with Yogalife I could not be happier. Can not imagine doing it anywhere else. Teachers create an autentic, stimulating and safe enviroment, where you can grow as a person, grow your knowledge of Yoga (in the deep, autentic, "not just asanas" sense), your connection with yoga (I was intrigued before... now I am in love ;)), and strong bonds with your fellow students. I am not the same person as I was only 6 months ago, and it feels like I gained a new family.

Celine Willmore 1 year ago

The TTC I followed with Yogalife will forever have an enormous impact on my life. It was a life changing course, where there was so more than only learning about asanas or 'the body'. I has given me tools as a yoga teacher, but also as a person and I will certainly follow more courses with them in the future! I can strongly recommend the course to any yoga-enthousiast!

Andrea Szatmári 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Professional & wholehearted team. Enriching & life-changing experience. Continuous & efficient learning. New family & so much fun!

Ruta Om 3 years ago

Ik heb dit jaar deelgenomen aan de Yoga Nidra-cursus in GOA en ik ben erg blij dat ik de keuze heb gemaakt om met Yogalife naar India te gaan. Allereerst is de organisatie Yogalife uiterst professioneel en ondersteunend (ik heb TTC- en ATTC-trainingen bij zich). Ze geven al hun kennis en hart aan hun studenten. Mijn persoonlijke ontwikkeling was enorm in die 10 dagen die ik heb besteed aan het bestuderen en beoefenen van Yoga Nidra. Ik heb de voordelen van yoga Nidra in mijn dagelijks leven opgemerkt. Ik kwam ontspannen, kalm, verjongd en energiek terug. En het belangrijkste vertrouwen om Nidra-lessen van goede kwaliteit te krijgen voor mijn studenten. De kennis en het diepere inzicht door ervaring maakten mijn Nidra-lessen completer. Mijn klanten zijn daar erg blij mee.

Nele Temmerman 3 years ago

An inspiring yoga family where yoga is teached from the heart <3

Madeleine de Bergeyck 3 years ago

Yogalife's teachings offers a balanced teaching of yoga: from studying ancient yogic philosophies to their application to your everyday European lifestyle, Yogalife Belgium is trustable, putting human relationships at its center of interest & very professional on top of all that! Best Yoga School

Any Chris 3 years ago

Amazing teachers! My 200hrs training was a true life changing journey!!! A wonderful experience that I will always hold close to my heart

Simone Weichmann 3 years ago

Goa was THE perfect place to be and to do yoga. It wasn't a "normal" yoga course, but a journey to connect with yourself and others. These 10 days were absolutely fabulous and so full of colour - sometimes there were lots of tears too, but they also belonged there. I can only recommend doing the retreat and being part of the yoga family!!

Elena Dany 3 years ago

I passed 200h Teacher Training with Yogalife and I came out from the training as a different person - I could discover my inner self, I finally understood my biggest struggles in life, I learnt ways to fight them, I built up my self confidence, I deepened my yoga knowledge, I got a huge new experience and I decided to change my life completely thanks to all the inspiration I got from wonderful teachers I was lucky to have in Yogalife. I can't express all the gratitude I have towards them! Thank you again and again. I love all of you.

Pankaj Sharma 3 years ago

An organisation which is a gift to the community. Yogalife is bringing authentic yoga to all with passion and compassion. Goa was the place where my life was impacted and journey of diving deeper into yoga began. Then 200hrs TTC, Yoga Nidra and yearly Yogalife Festival is most special part of my life. Thanks to Yogalife for positively changing lives of so many people.

Geert De Keyser 4 years ago

Inspirerende en authentieke yoga

Laurie Nelson 5 years ago

Yogalife offers fantastic classes and training programs because the teachers are both authentic and experienced. You get a practice that combines the physical and spiritual ... and you feel great!

William Eager 5 years ago

I love Yogalife because they give you an experience that is simultaneously gentle and profound. Each pose, each breath is a wonderful process of relaxation and pleasure. The teachers accept you where you are, and they help you move gracefully to new levels. Yeah!

Patrick De Vleeschauwer 9 years ago

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